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Sump Pump Service Lehigh Valley Plumbing Experts

A flooded basement can be a huge nightmare for any family. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of living through a one of these horrific events then you’ll recognize the extensive damage that a small amount of water can do. As little as one inch of water in a basement can take many hours to clean up and worse, that “small” quantity of water can create thousands of dollars in damage. Luckily we have the solution for you.

Prevent Basement Flooding With Sump Pump Installation or Replacement

Replacing your failing sump pump or installing a brand new unit is certainly a great start to preventing your basement flooding with water. Another great option is having a backup sump pump for those times when power is lost at your home or business. At Lehigh Valley Plumbing Experts, our technicians can install a backup pump that act as a fail-safe preventing your basement from getting wet and flooded when the electricity goes out.