Monthly Special: Get $75 Off Any Water Heater Installation or Service

You use your water 24 hours a day right? No, of course not. Then why are you paying to warm that water 24 hours a day with a traditional water heater? Conventional water heaters constantly heat your water throughout the day even if not in use.

Introducing the Tankless Water Heater

commercial tankless water heater - Lehigh Valley Plumbing Experts

You should consider going tankless if you have a need for a brand new water heater and wish to spend less on your heating bills. Are you aware that tankless water heaters…

  1. Create an infinite supply of hot water to multiple places within your house, concurrently and without change in water temperature
  2. Are up to 30% more energy efficient than gas water heaters
  3. Are up to 50% more energy efficient than electric water heaters
  4. Shut off automatically when the demand for hot water stops, providing substantial energy savings and lower monthly utility bills
  5. Are compact and small, taking up less space than a conventional gas or electric water heater