Get $50 Off Any Toilet Repair or Installation Service

It’s best to have a professional come and inspect your toilet when your toilet stops functioning correctly. Our skilled plumbers are highly trained and fully capable of seeing beyond what you might believe is an easy or simple diy fix. We can see the bigger picture and prevent unwanted expensive issues from occuring.

There have been quite a few instances where a toilet has a leak and our customer does not have any clue. This leads to a complete waste of cash and a complete waste of water. The toilets at home are used often and they will require a bit of attention from time to time. Thinking of installing a brand new toilet? The kind of toilet that you just buy makes a tremendous difference in the quantity of water use at home. Lehigh Valley Plumbing Experts will be happy to have a look at your toilet and and answer any questions that you just might have.

Toilet Installation Service

Obsolete or aged toilets are usually water hogs. Most homeowners view it as a great chance to make their homes more efficient and update their toilets when their old toilet has stopped working. Today’s toilets use about 60% less water when compared to older models. Old toilets use up about 3 gallons of water per flush. Our toilets use about half that amount. There are many kinds of toilets to pick from including dual-flush toilets, low flow toilets, and other high performance toilets. Lehigh Valley Plumbing Specialists can assist you to select the right toilet that satisfies the needs of your family.

Toilet Repair Service

Just like your car needs maintenance, any fixture or appliance in your house that’s often used will need care. This will your toilet. Lehigh Valley Plumbing Experts has a skilled team of plumbing experts that can repair any problems you may be experiencing. Toilets can encounter numerous issues so we offer a variety of services to combat that:

Toilet leak detection service
Toilet unclogging service
Fix and replace parts inside the tank
Damage or cracked toilet repair

Water Saving Toilets

Modern day toilets help preserve water while saving you cash. We can locate the most suitable toilet that suits your needs while also preserving water.

Tip to Save 16% Off Your Water Bill Every Month and Approximately 7500 Gallons of Water per year