Get $25.00 Off Any New Water Purification System

lehigh valley water filtration systems

A 2008 study done by the EPA exposed that tap water may contain impurities like chlorine, chloramides and others. And to make matters worse, your water could actually have parasites in it. Lethal bacteria are removed by water treatment facilities, however the water that we drink may not always be 100% safe. The substances that are used to remove viruses & bacteria may really create dangerous byproducts.

Some signs that your water may contain a high amount of sediment content

  • Your water has a funny smell or aftertaste
  • You see spots in your white or light coloured clothes
  • Your skin becomes irritated after washing

The elite plumbers at Lehigh Valley Plumbing Experts can purify the water in your home or business with an entire house water purification/filtration system. This will make your water safer, healthier and better tasting. This constantly provides you and your family with fresh, clean water for washing, drinking and doing laundry.

Water Filtration System Installation & Maintenance

We can help you install a new water filtration system for your entire house. If you already have a purification system installed in your home or business, make sure it’s being maintained on a regular basis to ensure it is working at it’s best. Keep your water tasting great with our water filtration routine maintenance services. Avoid untimely expensive repairs can with regular upkeep of your system.