Get $30 Off Any Frozen Pipe Repair Service

During the cold winter months, your home or business is at risk from pipes freezing over. With just one snap or crack you could potentially damage significant portions of your plumbing system. The water inside the pipe freezes and expands when it is exposed to freezing temperatures. In this scenario, the pressure developed in the pipe is so extraordinary that it causes the pipe to burst open.
Water damage is not only dangerous to your property but it is also extremely expensive to deal with! The experienced technicians at Lehigh Valley Plumbing Experts are exceptionally trained in identifying the potential conditions that can lead to frozen pipes. Our technicians will not only consult with you but they will train you on the required steps rto prevent this scenario from occurring at your home or business.

Frozen Pipe Prevention

When looking at possible causes of freezing pipes, it is necessary to comprehend the typical locations that freeze-ups tend to occur The most common places where a conduit may freeze are:

  • Unheated crawlspaces
  • Exterior walls
  • Below sinks found on an exterior wall
  • Basement cavities that are exposed to outdoor atmosphere

Our elite technicians are trained to tackle situations like these with skill and ease. Shield your investment and your house. Call us to take care of your frozen pipes.