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Not only does hard water taste awful, additionally, it results in difficulties within your plumbing system. Conditioning your water with a water softener is a great means to protect your pipes from the damage that hard water can cause.

Plumbing Issues Due to Hard Water

Lots of plumbing difficulties can be linked to hard water and the build up of minerals in plumbing pipes. Such a build up can lead to slow draining and possible clogging issues. Moreover, mineral build up in pipes may result in corrosion, causing expensive damage and further complications. Hard water can also react negatively with soap, making the soap tacky, less powerful and more difficult to lather. All of these issues can lead to plumbing complications in your kitchen and toilet.

Some signs of hard water problems:

  • Clothing when washed in hard water may feel scratchy and unpleasant
  • After being washed in hard water there may be patches of residue left on dishes and glasses
  • Your hair may feel dull and sticky from being washed with hard water
  • There is a film left on your sinks and tubs
  • Hard water may lead to decreased water flow due to build up of minerals

The Advantages of Water Softeners

Reducing the amount of minerals in your water supply can be achieved in a variety of ways. Using a water softener is one of the most recommended strategies because of their incredible effectiveness and low cost. Water softeners also last quite a long time when they can be properly preserved. Lehigh Valley Plumbing Experts has skilled plumbers who understand what is required to install and maintain a water softening system.